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vtc lentilly-latour de salvagny

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Lentilly - la Tour-de-Salvagny

Your mobility, our priority

If you want to travel with complete peace of mind and forget the stress of traffic and route finding, call on our company in Lentilly, la Tour-de-Salvagny, Sourcieux-les-Mines, Fleurieux-sur-l Trees, Dommartin 69380, Lozanne, Dardilly   that we offer you. Each of the drivers listed have a solid experience that will allow you to make your trips, private or professional, in complete peace of mind.

The vtc taxi for your comfort

Traveling in one of the taxis or vtc v7Driver selected on Lentilly and the surrounding area for you will guarantee you comfort from all points of view. You will indeed be assured of the respect of the timetables and will not worry about the traffic conditions. For a quality service, the driver will load and unload your luggage for you

Request a quote for your trip online

If you need to know in advance how much a trip will cost you, do not hesitate to   ask us for a quote. We will provide you with a price based on the distance to be covered, the timetables to be respected and the type of race to be carried out (one way or round trip for example).

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  Order where to book your driver with  V7Driver  Taxi service and_cc781905-945dTC at V781905-946badTC

  • Lentilly (69210)

  •  La Tour-de-Salvagny (69890)

  • Dommartin (69380) 

  •  Fleurieux-sur-l'Arbresle (69210)

  •  Sourcieux-les-Mines (69210)

  • Lozanne (69380)

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Votre mobilité, notre priorité
Your mobility, our priority

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